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01 May 2004

May Day Victory to the Masses

Greetings, friends,
Isn't it always on May Day that the intelligensia, as Slavisa would put it, announces its brotherhood with the masses?

Well, they never spent four days in Switzerland surviving on (relatively) cheap doner kebaps. To hell with that!

But now I'm back in wonderful Los Angeles, looking for my Canadian dream job and packing my books. And I'm back in the mix: at least once a week, for the last three years, the same rather disturbed Chinese woman appears at the pay-phones next to the bicycle racks at the Sunset and Vermont Metro. As I got off work today, there she was, screaming into the telephone again as I unlocked my bike. Nobody's on the other end, of course, and I can only guess by the number of times that I've seen her, she's usually at it for a good hour, screaming incoherently into the dead phone. She's almost like my good luck charm, this crazy woman, which should give you some idea of how my missionary work in Downtown Los Angeles is affecting my judgment and must, thusly, come to a swift end.

Three minor points for you, my dears: Because of download limits on my Earthlink server, these screeds will now only be posted for a few months (not going back to 1999 as they do now.) I, of course, have all the old copies on my home computer for your perusal.

Secondly, as a member of the LA Conservancy, I get well-discounted tickets for the yearly Last Remaining Seats movie festival in Downtown Los Angeles. If anyone is interested, this is an especially good year; the films (shown on Wednesday nights in June) are: "Some Like It Hot", "Sunrise", "Gold Diggers of 1935", "La Otra" (the Mexican classic remade as "Dead Ringer"), "It Happened One Night" and "Shanghai Express". Let me know as tickets are obtained via snail-mail.

Thirdly: WHERE IS ALL YOUR MONEY? I've heard plenty of bitching and whining about the upcoming election. Even my father, once a solid bedrock contributor to my faith in the American Way, thinks (no doubt due to his habit of watching Fox News, even though he hates it) that Mr. Bush's reelection is in the bag. Maybe so, maybe so, but at the bottom of this screed you'll see a link to John Kerry's bank. Click on it, give him some fucking money, and then on 3 November start bitching at me how your money did no good. Otherwise the deaf ear will be turned in your direction. After all the Europeans asking me, so sadly, "But John Kerry will beat George Bush...right?" it's up to YOU not to let them down.

And onto the MAY DAY screed, for the masses, of course:
I might remind you later, but this activist event (global) on 12 June has some interesting implications (thanks, Miles):

Not really my style, but undoubtedly I will be there (fully dressed, possibly even wearing a tie) in order to provide escort in this brutal city. The LA version of the World Naked Bike Ride, oddly enough, is going through Hollywood, not the friendliest route (I would think Malibu or Venice Beach).

WHATEVER. So, if you like your news in large doses, here is an excellent site (thanks, Geri), which includes images of the front pages of over 300 daily newspapers from around the globe:

Nobody, however, picked up on this horrifying tidbit from Louisiana:
Lawmaker Aims to Ban Hog-Dog Fights

While I was gone, I understand that the much-vaunted "Air America" came and went in LA like a shadow on a hot day. Too bad...when they find a new radio franchise in So Cal (right now they are operating solely in Riverside) I will let y'all know. I am guessing that their web address is:

I'm interested, of course, not because of "Dr." Al Franken but the very hot (although she talks much too fast), recently bleached and tattooed Miss Janeane Garofalo, who hosts the afternoon show on this network.

Not that the Other Side isn't working hard about "Right Wing Eye for the Lefty Guy"? (thanks, Josh):

And nothing says American Patriotism like women who are willing to give a soldier...well, frankly, give them one last fuck before they go off to Iraq to get de-limbed by the Martyrs of Allah. Nice, eh? Didn't the French think this up originally (to their eventual dismay?)(thanks again, Geri):

Hard to believe that such sin exists in such a Christian country...because that is what America is...the Europeans revel blindly in their Christian past, and God help the Jew, the Muslim and the African over there...but over here we don't care how you take your pleasures as long as you TAKE THEM WITH GOD, god, god, god, and more god. Here's a ripping article about how deep the Christians really are in the US Government (thanks, Mike):

But on an encouraging note, we've still got plenty of hippy-dippy New Agers squeezing the trees and kissing the fish. Here's their advice for your about avoiding (i.e. a BOYCOTT FOR MAY DAY) genetically-modified foods in the US of A (thanks again, Josh):

And they're getting beyond those cars that run on grease into the political's CALIFORNIA LIBRE for MAY DAY!
Plan to Junk Oil, Add Jobs
By Tom Abate
San Francisco Chronicle
New coalition pushes renewables.

Do it NOW, because your government has declared a real war, a War on Dissent:,3604,1194672,00.html
The terror of Bush's war on America
Forget Bin Laden - the president's real enemies are dissenters at home
Peter Preston
Monday April 19 2004
The Guardian

Here's their crass policies in action...fuck them, I'm going anyway:
NYC Denies Permit for Huge Anti-War Rally During GOP Convention
By Sara Kugler
The Associated Press

The Righteous will find you...they'll come to your HOUSE on MAY DAY:
Demonstrators Swarm Around Karl Rove's Home
By Steven Ginsberg
The Washington Post

No intelligent person can support this travesty...even the military officers who originally touted the War are coming out against it. Many of you in the States will remember this guy as the press officer on the USS Theodore Roosevelt, who gave such nice speeches during the initial bombardment of Iraq a year ago:
Navy Public Affairs Officer in Iraq Condemns Bush & the U.S. Invasion
By Democracy Now!

Our idiot President thinks it's all a joke:
Kerry: WMD 'Joke' No Laughing Matter
By David R. Guarino and Noelle Straub
The Boston Herald

Here's some more of his boot-quaking humor:
Iran 'Will Be Dealt With,' Bush Says
By Mike Allen
Washington Post

And here's how he deals with humorless Democrats...PS, if the name of this author seems familiar, yeah, he's the wacko he wrote the most recent biography of Jack Kerouac:
FBI Files on John Kerry Stolen From Author's Home
By Ron Harris
The Associated Press
The man who uncovered evidence the FBI tailed presidential candidate John Kerry for months in 1971 said some of those files were stolen this week. Author Gerald Nicosia reported to police Friday that three of the 14 boxes of once-secret FBI files he obtained under the Freedom of Information Act were taken from his Corte Madera home Thursday.

Why should anyone complain, I mean, we're doing the Iraqis such a service:
Americans around Falluja are Deaf to Humanitarian Emergency
By Didier Francois

Even our best friends are stunned at the wonderful job we're doing:
U.S. Tactics Condemned by British Officers
By Sean Rayment
Telegrah UK

It must suck being so far-sighted, brilliant and just straight up fuckin' smart:
White House Says Iraq Sovereignty Could Be Limited
By Steven R. Weisman
New York Times

Especially when you're in charge of such a Nation of Geniuses:
US Majority Still Believe in Iraq's WMD, al-Qaeda Ties
By Jim Lobe
Inter Press Service

HERE YOU GO, SMART's the nastiest article yet I've seen about what life is like now in Iraq...this will crush any shred of hope you have left...this will make you think that everyone is wrong, and the only way out of Iraq is running out...not pretty.
Voyage to the Country of Hate
By Sara Daniels
Le Nouvel Observateur Hebdomadaire
From the Kuwait border to the "Sunni Triangle"

And one bit of angry MAY DAY viciousness deserves another; a biting, bitter letter written to Condoleeza Rice by a pig-biting mad Christian Republican flack...enjoy this one, because it serves no other purpose but to be aghast at:
Open Letter to National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice
By Catherine Austin Fitts
Catherine Austin Fitts is the Former Assistant Secretary of Housing, President George Bush I.

Vive le Proletariat, et vive le Screed!

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