The Friends of California Libre...

30 January 2003

Rooting Out Evil

Greetings, friends, I think you'll agree that George W. Bush has gotten speech-writers as good as Mr. Reagan did. Too bad W. ain't g...

27 January 2003

State of the Union

Greetings, friends, It's a big week coming up from Superbowl Sunday...the UN Inspectors make their first report

10 January 2003

The Need for Greed

Greetings, friends, If you're in LA, I'll expect to see you all at the corner of Olympic and Broadway at 11 am on 11 January (that&#...

01 January 2003

2003...Believe Me

My dear friends, I have nothing but good news for you this New Year's... Take the test and grow as a human...

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