The Friends of California Libre...

26 May 2004

Play Misty for Memorial Day

Greetings, friends, If you notice the screed getting shorter and less frequent, it's not your imagination. It's my burn-out finally ...

19 May 2004

Cold Turkey

Greetings, friends, Not a screed this time, but one slight sarcastic, slightly angry and always unnerving essay by Kurt Vonnegut. Also: The ...

16 May 2004

He Beat Me Black and Blue and I Loved It

Greetings, friends, Anyone remember that punk rock lyric? TODAY'S LESSON IN MILITARY TACTICS: Here's the first thing that you don...

09 May 2004

Let Europeans Eat Sausages

Greetings, friends, The quiet in my in-box is this the calm before the storm? Perhaps I should answer some of my huge pile of...

01 May 2004

May Day Victory to the Masses

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