The Friends of California Libre...

28 October 2001

What's So Special About 11?

Greetings, distant friends, here's some words of encouragement. >From: >"Laughter is the best medicine"...

20 October 2001

Modern Art Is Rubbish

Okay, friends, here's something that will really tickle you in the right spot:

14 October 2001


Greetings, friends, Okay, while we were worried about other things, here's one that slipped beneath the radar. Dig this idiot: (From Deu...

04 October 2001

The South Shall Rise Again

Greetings, friends, I can't stop watching all these exciting documentaries. Tonight all the product was strictly domestic, and some of y...

03 October 2001

More Strange News

Greetings, friends, Deutsche Welle showed lots of cute bits last night, including a expose on the town of Ulm, but not too much about the &q...

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