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20 October 2001

Modern Art Is Rubbish

Okay, friends, here's something that will really tickle you in the right spot:
Modern Art Is Rubbish?
Oddly Enough - Reuters LONDON (Reuters) - Modern art really is rubbish. Damien Hirst, master of the modern British art scene, may fetch huge bids and draw international crowds, but in the eyes of one gallery worker, his art belongs in the bin. And that's exactly where cleaner Emmanuel Asare tossed an exhibit that Hirst created at a launch party for a recent show of his work. The pile of empty beer bottles, dirty ashtrays, coffee cups and sweet wrappers left over from the party at the trendy Eyesto'rm Gallery in west London had been arranged by Hirst into an impromptu installation, newspapers reported on Friday. But when Asare arrived at the gallery the morning after the night before, he dumped the whole lot in the garbage. "As soon as I clapped eyes on it, I sighed because there was so much mess," the cleaner told the Sun newspaper. "I didn't think for a second that it was a work of art. It didn't much look like art to me." Alarmed gallery employees hastily retrieved the items from the rubbish bags and used photographs to recreate the exhibit, which has echoes of fellow BritArt star Tracey Emin's conceptual unmade-bed display. The 35-year-old Turner Prize-winning artist was quoted as saying the misunderstanding over his work was "fantastic, very funny." Neither the gallery nor Hirst's assistant had any comment on the gaffe, which is just the latest bit of publicity to thrust Hirt's name into the limelight. Leader of the so-called Young British Artists, high-living Hirst has earned a reputation for sensational work, which has seen him float pickled sheep, sharks, and cows in formaldehyde.

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