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31 October 2004

Will the Prophecy Be Fulfilled?

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

30 October 2004

It's the Truly Scary Halloween

Greetings, friends, What a strange Halloween is upon us...shall we dip into Melodrama to describe it? The Red Sox win the World Series under...

27 October 2004

Special People Deserve a Lunar Eclipse!

Greetings, dear friends, Well, as the Jack Van Impe says on Channel 40, the End Times are upon us. The world might not be destroyed, but it ...

24 October 2004

UN Day

Greetings, friends, Yes, today is 24 October, United Nations Day. Our weak and crippled planetary government is 59 years old. So here's ...

18 October 2004

The Curse of the Bushino

Greetings, friends, Last night we had the first rainstorm of this season, early for once, and very welcome. It was a good hard rain, not too...

05 October 2004

In Space No One Can Hear You Screed

Greetings, many friends, What an interesting month we've been having. In between the departures of old friends for parts far away, the N...

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