The Friends of California Libre...

20 September 2009

A Change of Scenery...or an Ecological Renovation?

Greetings, dear friends, Once again I write to you from that state of confusion, that unnerving feeling when one takes stability, a life hu...

11 August 2009

Save Film at LACMA

It's amazing that a city like LA, which bemoans the loss of the film industry, does so little to prevent the loss of film screenings.

24 July 2009

Michael Jackson Moonwalked for Your Sins

Greetings, friends, Those of you from Los Angeles will understand that, even though I've been in my apartment for 15 years, I don't...

30 June 2009

The Sun Stands Still and Waits

Greetings, friends, After a mild spring, summer is slowly warming up my City of the Angels.  The furnace has been off for weeks, and the fa...

05 May 2009

Extinction Is Our Business

Greetings, friends, I felt like sending out a leaner, meaner screed to those who believe in CALIFORNIA LIBRE...if only because the sun is o...

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