The Friends of California Libre...

29 December 2003

The Vagaries of Fate

Greetings, friends, As I've told many, I'm expecting a lot of 2004. For me and many of my friends, next year promises many changes a...

24 December 2003

The Holiday Parade of Malcontents

Greeting, friends, On this Christmas 2003, I have to confess that: I think Jesus was born in September, and nowhere near Bethlehem. I think ...

20 December 2003

The Long Night

Greetings, friends, That's right, Sunday night is the Winter Solstice, a night that our distant ancestors did not celebrate with ornamen...

14 December 2003

If You Can't Beat 'Em, Beat 'Em Harder

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

10 December 2003

And Who Fiddles While the Earth Burns?

Greetings, friends, So much news this last week...not the least that the Governator joined the Liars' Club by denying the cities and cou...

05 December 2003

The Donkeys of Mass Destruction

Greetings, friends, No, I haven't let Roberta Hoffmann vent her own screed this time. The donkeys I'm speaking of aren't the idi...

01 December 2003

Thanksgiving Leftovers

Greetings, friends, WHAT! Thanksgiving leftovers! Not in this house. I'm on a no-leftover diet (sorry, Tracy and Christine), so you get ...

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