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21 May 2003

Wag the Country

Greetings, friends,
Hold the's a hot one for you. Remember Jessica Lynch, the Army private who was rescued from a hospital in Iraq last month? The BBC is claiming that the whole thing was a fake...Lynch was taken to the hospital, but the Iraqi Army had already abandoned the area. The doctors tried to arrange to return Lynch to the Americans, but their ambulance (with Lynch inside) was shot at approaching the US front line. They sent a message that the Army could pick up Lynch at the hospital, and they did...but not before arranging to conduct a carefully staged "rescue", complete with guns loaded with blanks. Read it here:
If this is true, this is a real mind-blower. At least our taxpayer dollars weren't being spent on real bullets!

Why not, when we're surrounded by bullshit:
Bush Officials Change Tune on Iraqi Weapons
In Reversal, Plan for Iraq Self-Rule Has Been Put Off
US Rivals Turn on Each Other as Weapons Search Draws a Blank

You didn't read it in any US paper or see it on television. Funny how state-sponsored media tries hard to be independent, while commercial media keeps mumbling around that Federal dick in its mouth (sorry, Mom). And it's going to get worse. Read what the FCC's been up to while the war's on (thanks, Lorinda):

Michael Powell, Colin Powell's son and Chairman of the FCC, is trying to push media de-regulation through quickly and quietly to allow massive media corporations to further monopolize our airwaves without the current restraints on media control and ownership. This includes radio and newspaper as well as television and cable. The mainstream media (controlled by a few companies who stand to benefit) has not covered this issue at all since September, when this problem first came to light. The final proposal is going to be voted on June 2.

This is considered by the FCC to be the most important proposal to cross their desks in history. Keep those calls and faxes pouring in on the FCC, they won't give away the store if they know we are looking.

MoveOn has found the way, you just need to give them the go ahead. Fight media deregulation at the link below:

And more interesting's a deck of cards for the rest of us:

3. Learn about the War Profiteers...
The creative hellraisers at the Ruckus Society have created a WarProfiteers card deck. "This is no Sunday bridge club. These are individuals and institutions that stack the deck against democracy in the rigged game of global power. Exposing their place in the house of cards illuminates the links among corporations, institutions, and government officials that profit from endless war."

You'll laugh and you'll cry, but don't miss it! Get your own deck now, share it with friends--discover what is happening behind closed doors and not reported in the mainstream media. �

If you're interested in more, here are links to Code Pink, who appeared so flatteringly in the last issue of the LA Weekly:

Quick Links...
The PINK List
Sign the Promise for Peace
CODEPINK Discussion Forum

But it wouldn't be my screed without a touch of weirdness:
Sandals With Image of Jesus Spark Scandal
Topless Exercise a Flop for Cop

So what else is new?

While the world falls apart, we're surrounded by idiotic politicians:
Politician Unveils 'Sex Voucher' Plan
and maybe-a-little-too-righteous politicians:
UK Minister Resigns, Charges Illegal Conduct by Coalition -- Her Statement
and for those who asked, maybe a few decent politicians, but the rest want to dogpile on them:
Centrist Democrats Take Aim at Dean

But some people will try anything to get to America anyway...
Miami-Bound Stowaways Take Round-Trip to Colombia

Finally, while the Germans are trying to kiss and make up with our government, and the French are playing coy, the Belgians are thrusting forward! Let's have a drink to our friends in the lowlands, who actually would dare charge a red-blooded American with a war crime:
And why?
** Belgian PM set for second term **
Belgian election results suggest Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt will head a new Liberal-Socialist coalition.
and so...
America Threatens To Move Nato After Franks Is Charged in Brussels

You can even encourage the Belgians by signing their petition and reading their statement (thanks, Kobe):
Full text of the accusation on:
Vive le Screed!

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