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19 September 2003

The Leaping Lady

Greetings, friends,
In the mayhem of this world, what is one poor dead Hollywood actress more or less?

It's a chance to honor the dark side of Los Angeles in us all...and it's this Saturday in my apartment. If you didn't get your invite in the mail, maybe I didn't have your address. Hit the reply button or give me a call.

If you're getting this message before Friday night, my friend Miss Joos is participating in the Eastside Art Crawl in a big way:
Lots of free street parking, and all the galleries near Vermont are accessible by Red Line subway. For a downloadable map of the area with all gallery locations, scheduled exhibitions, and Red Line stops, visit (FYI: Living Room Gallery is the # 12 dot on the map but not walking distance from subway, alas.)
PS It actually is walking distance from the subway, but as Stephen Wright once said, "Anything is walking distance if you have enough time." The gallery is just south of the intersection of Lucile and Hoover.

It's almost as good a place to take a date at Paris:
Love in the Aisles as Supermarket Dating Hits Paris

Anyway, this has been a busy week for collectors of news like myself. A hurricane is hitting Washington right now, and it's not called Isabel. It's called TRUTH.

Those of us who hand out the truth get personally attacked by Mr. Ashcroft for our devotion to freedom of speech (thanks, Ellen):
Ashcroft Slams Critics as Patriot Act Backlash Grows
By Tom Regan
Christian Science Monitor

But the Feds are on the run this week. Rather than ship out Mr. Bush's every gaffe, I can refer you to this interesting (and rather acerbic) site (thanks, Helene, Josh, etc.):

I had to enclose a few choice bits. I loved this one comparing the IQs of our presidents over the last 50 years. Enjoy:

For such an idiot, though, Mr. Bush is good at spreading misinformation:
No sex please, you're American
The Bush administration is pouring millions of dollars into programmes that persuade teenagers to hold on to their virginity. And it's working. Suzanne Goldenberg reports
Suzanne Goldenberg
Sunday September 07 2003
The Observer,3604,1037335,00.html

Bush Lauds Michigan Power Plant As Model of Clean Air Policy
By Dana Milbank
Washington Post Staff Writer

Architects of Iraq War Put on the Defensive
By Howard LaFranchi and Gail Russell Chaddock
Christian Science Monitor

Seeking Honesty in U.S. Policy
By Joseph Wilson
San Jose Mercury News

White House's Cynical Iraq Ploy: 'Misspeak' First, 'Correct' It Later
Robert Scheer
Los Angeles Times

Indefinite Delay on Weapons Report
The London Advertiser

Why Don't We Have Answers to These 9/11 Questions?
By William Bunch
The Philadelphia Daily News

Other People's Sacrifice
By Paul Krugman
New York Times

Liberty Bushwhacked
Washington Post Editorial

Exploiting the Atrocity
By Paul Krugman
The New York Times

even crooked buddies trying to make a fast buck on the 2004 election while they rig it (how nostaligic)(thanks again, Ellen):

It all results in this:
A Lack of Presidential Character
New York Times Editorial

And this...a brutal article about our tax dollars at work; this Iraqi was an 18 year old girl:
Farah tried to plead with the US troops but she was killed anyway
The death of two innocent Iraqis was thought so unremarkable the US military did not even report it, but Peter Beaumont says it reflects an increasingly callous disregard of civilian lives in coalition operations
Saturday September 06 2003
The Guardian,6903,1037081,00.html

Rumsfeld: Rebuilding up to Iraqis
The Seattle Times

But you know what I say! Yet we're too wrapped up in our own problems in California, eh? We've always had our own dog and pony show to distract us. Even if you thought Clinton was bad, could you have IMAGINED THIS? Two countries invaded, relations with the UN (i.e. the rest of the globe) in a shambles, the World Trade Center in ruins, LIES and DECEIT at every level of government, and in California we're talking about electing the TERMINATOR as our Governor!

Maybe a robot would be better? (Thanks, Miles):

How about Adam Ant? (Thanks, Geri.)

But in the spirit of the times, I'll vote for this patriot:
Comic Unveils Star-Spangled Penis
See you Saturday!

Vive le Screed!

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