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17 March 2007

Saint Patrick's Day

Greetings, friends,
Once again a child of the Plantation celebrates the Patron Saint of Ireland and the man who first spoke out against slavery! Find yourself a well-poured pint and (if you can stand it) the screech of the pennywhistle. In honor of Saint Patrick, some photos from my voyage to Ireland, March of 2001...

The "Free Ireland" mural on the Falls Road, West Belfast. The mural reads: "The fools, the fools, they have left us our Fenian dead, and while Ireland holds these graves, Ireland unfree will never be at peace."

The IRA Memorial, Milltown Cemetery, West Belfast.

One of the oldest Christian objects in Ireland, a 5th century dolmen in Glencolumbkille, County Donegal.

These two "Oirish gorls" came up to me in the town of Sligo on the west coast. "Why are you taking a picture of the Abbey?" (Sligo Abbey is behind me.) "Because I might never see it again." "Where are you from?" "Los Angeles." "Isn't that where Hollywood is?" "Yeah." (Excited gorls) "Oooh, take our picture too!"

And of course, last but not least, the chapel on the peak of the Croagh Patrick, the holiest site in Ireland. In the 5th century, St. Patrick spent the 40 days of Lent on this spot, and this is where he supposedly drove the snakes out of Ireland. It's higher than it looks (760 meters, about 3000 feet) and straight up from the coast. About a half hour after I took this photo, I broke my leg on the way back down.

More fun things to do TODAY:

St. Patrick's Day

Information about this March 17 holiday celebrated in honor of the patron saint of Ireland. Features background about St. Patrick, a listing of parades and events throughout the world, a listing of Irish pubs, and an Irish quiz. Also includes links to Irish toasts and Irish slang. Some material is only available to members. From IrishAbroad.

And why it's good to make toasts:


Did the practice of clinking glasses evolve from efforts to prove that the wine contained therein wasn't poisoned?

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