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15 May 2007

Feliz Día de la Madre

Greetings, friends,
It's rare that I get so many chuckles in one weekend, probably as a tonic for "Porgy and Bess", that uplifting Charleston gullah-gothic we took Mom to on Sunday.  It began laying in the middle of "Mane" Street in Pioneertown, hanging with Mr. Flagg while a bunch of LA hipsters suffered calamity after calamity in projecting the "First Polish Western" against an outdoor screen, to the amusement of the white trash Pioneertown hipsters, who were drinking Bloody Marys out of pickle jars.  It continued as Ann Magnuson continued an unbroken line of hits, this time dressed as a Victorian whore and dancing to "Welcome to the Jungle" (remember partying with GNR?) at the Joshua Tree Saloon, while a freakish mix of hipsters and hardcore High Desert white trash watched.  (PS I felt more comfy with the HDWT.)

Then I am glad to tell you (and half of you will be nodding to the new members of your exciting club, parenthood) that Sr. Bruno Gavira and Sra. Pilar Albarracín have brought another Spaniard into the world, Nicolas.  Now there's a fun country to grow up in.  ¡Olé!

In the next bit of good news, Mike Watt discovered through a Scots namesake that there are, yes, still a few real punks in the world for Nico to look up to:
McLaren thrown out of village after drug rant
By Lachlan Mackinnon

I could also not resist these adorable articles from the Mother's Day issue of the Onion.  I'm sorry that the two women they most remind me of have long disappeared from my life, but a few of you might sense a shot across the bow...if so, keep laughing.
How Can I Use Feminism To My Advantage?
Who's A Girl Gotta Fuck To Get Some Closure On Her Relationship With Her Father?

The younger ladies in my life might relate to this peer:
Foster Mom A Cunt

And of course I relate to this one:
Area Woman Recalls Days When She Resented Being Hit On

Happy Mother's Day!

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