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16 November 2007

This Is Your Brain on Drugs

Greetings, friends,
It's rare that I double-team you like this, but today I felt I had to send out a warning to the young adults in the audience.  Kids, drugs and alcohol are bad for you.  I know that you already know this, but after I saw poor Amy Winehouse start her new tour in Birmingham, I thought it bears repeating.
Winehouse in the doghouse after "atrocious" tour debut

I think Amy Winehouse is adorable, but going into a performance completely smashed, crying, calling your angry fans "monkey cunts" and then committing the unpardonable musicians' sin, throwing a mic stand into the audience, is definitely bad form.

I won't inflict the vid on you; suffice it to say, if you go to YouTube and search for Amy Winehouse, it's all over the place.  I'd rather remember Amy back a few years ago, when she was a cute, shy thing, before the gangster husband, tattoos and heavy drinking:

I am reminded of this video by Roisin Murphy (that's RO-sheen), the nice Irish gorl with an amazing voice who fronted the house band Moloko way back when (TEN years ago!) and now has a very grounded (if not jaded) opinion of herself:

Some people, however, will never learn.
Barry Bonds lied about steroid use: indictment

PS  I am now 21st on the " bestseller list", rather than 25th.  Moving on up, and vive le screed!

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