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28 August 2008

Yet Another Reason Why I Hate Hillary Clinton

Greetings, friends,
A friend of mine with a warped sense of humor turned me onto these blogs; these are the idiots who would rather put John McCain in the White House and destroy the world rather than say goodnight to their heroine, Hillary Clinton:

The Confluence

Party Unity My Ass

People United Means Action

I posted this response to one of them:

Fascinating! I'm not an Obama supporter, and certainly not a fan of the Clintons. I backed Jerry Brown in '92, sat out '96, watched Gore get punked in '00, and then supported Edwards in '04 and '08. So I'm not a great judge of character, but like a good loyal Democrat, I've held my nose and dealt with it. I'm dealing with it now.

Maybe if your slavish devotion was attached to somebody decent I'd keep quiet...but the Clintons? If Barack Obama had picked Hillary Clinton as his VP, I'd be voting for Paris Hilton. I recognized the Clintons way back in '88 for what they are - a self-serving pair of ambitious boomers who would say anything to gain and hold power. Just like the Bushes, the Clintons turned their party into a machine to serve their personal desires, and used fanatics like you as their foot soldiers. Republicans I merely disagree with...but you are the snide insiders who tore the Democratic Party to shreds in the 1990s. You are my true enemy.

And let me get this straight...your answer is to vote for John McCain? McCain of the savings and loan scandal that destroyed the lives of many ordinary people, McCain who sang "bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran?" You actually think that will make this country better, and please your Queen Hillary?

You can call me a troll or whatever you like, but you completely validate my disgust with the Clintons. You were never Democrats, and you are a sick, sick bunch.

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