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22 April 2002

Get Into the Screed, You Know You Do...

Greetings, friends,
The screed returns, and not a moment too soon. As Cowboy Johnny used to say, the worm is turning. The Congress is getting ready to cut off all aid to Palestine, and give a free hand to Israel. Our "friends" in Venezuela overthrow the elected protest from Washington, D.C. And the first declaration of the coup d'etat? That all oil supplies to Cuba (which gets 50% of its oil from Venezuela) would be cut off. A crypto-facist racks up millions of votes in France, and again the usually mouthy George W. Bush is strangely silent. Democracy or anti-democracy, no comment.

And in case you didn't notice, it's now verboten to issue *any* visa to the citizen of a country "supporting terrorism". That would be Iran, Iraq, Syria, Cuba, Libya...but why stop there? How easy will it be to jump on that list, and how difficult to get off? If other world countries decide to return the favor tit for tat, visas might be hard to come by for Americans. Ever hear of Hiroshima, Nagasaki, or Dresden? How about Bhopal, San Salvador, Managua, Santo Domingo, Manila? But that wasn't terrorism...that's democracy in action.

Gird for action, friends. The World Trade Center is gone, the hole is dug, the subway will be running in a year, real estate values are going up, stocks up, interest rates up, racism up, civilian death count in Palestine/Afghanistan up. This silence on the left just bore its first fruit in France. What will be next? Pat Buchanan and George W. Bush in 2004? When we find a chance to speak out, we must take it now. If you don't do for yourself, do it for your kids...if you don't have any kids, hell, do it for your friends' kids. There's my revolutionary slogan: "Do it for your friends' kids." Yikes.

Okay, and now for something completely different. I depress and then I try to provoke a weak laugh. Boo hoo, boo hoo, it'll be all right. Look, we can go play with our new dolls:
Company Reveals New Bush and Bin Laden Dolls

You think I'm joking? George W. Bush is fuggin' James W. Bond, man!
Bush Spins Camaro in Secret Service Demonstration

And more proof that the Iranians were right, and Osama is sunning on the Riviera...or maybe Palm Springs.
Osama Bin Laden Stealing Gasoline in Canada?

A story that broke my heart, boo hoo...
36-Inch Marijuana Cigarette Is a Joke

The next two stories, frankly, involve two places (central Canada and eastern Turkey) where people might have a bit too much time on their hands.
Naked Radio Stunt Broke Rules, Watchdog Says
Protesters Condemn 'Immoral' Waitresses

And here's a story that, naturally, I strongly approve of. Give her the chair!
Woman Jailed Over Unreturned Library Books

Finally, in honor of Earth Day, one of my favorite pictures of the Earth is attached (hope it didn't jam up yer machine.) This is the desert near Tuba City, Arizona, just west of the Hopi Indian Reservation, 3 January 2000. The mountains in the distance are the San Francisco Peaks, near Flagstaff...seventy miles (100 km) away. Woweee...

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