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01 May 2002

The Anti-Anti-Screed

Greetings, friends,
Who needs to say a word when all your worst nightmares are on TV? No, it's not a punk rock lyric from the Eighties. It's the reality of the Nineties.
Anti-Europe Rhetoric Over Mideast Clouds EU-U.S. Summit

I won't comment, because either you know how I feel about Europe already or I don't want you to know. I just thought it was appropriate for my last-screed-before-Paris. To make you feel better, here are the inspiring comments of a I used to tell the teens at the library, it's adults who cause all the real trouble,
Teenage Cassandra - To be young, pacifist and living in Orange County

So what are we to do with this kid? Arm him/her and put them on the California front lines? Like Mom would say, "close all the borders, including the one with Nevada, and then deal with our problems."

Just to refute a generally annoying comment I heard today, an architect talking about the World Trade Center in Manhattan remarked that "no more skyscrapers over 70 floors will be built, because no one would want to work in them." As usual, he left out an important adjective: "American". We haven't been building skyscrapers of WTC magnitude for almost thirty years. Here's a list of the 10 tallest buildings in the world, notice anything?
Rank Building City Height Year Built
1 Petronas Tower I Kuala Lumpur 452 m 1998
2 Petronas Tower II Kuala Lumpur 452 m 1998
3 Sears Tower Chicago 442 m 1974
4 Jin Mao Tower Shanghai 421 m 1998
5 CITIC Plaza Guangzhou 391 m 1997
6 Shun Hing Square Shenzhen 384 m 1996
7 Empire State Building New York City 381 m 1931
8 Central Plaza Hong Kong 374 m 1992
9 Bank of China Tower Hong Kong 369 m 1989
10 Emirates Office Tower Dubai 355 m 2000
Some of you might have heard about a crane falling off the Taipei Financial Centre, under construction in Taiwan. Well, when that building is done in 2003, it'll be 508 metres high...easily number one. Sorry, USA.

Okay, just to prove I'm not all bad news, I read this speech that Prince Charles made in Ireland, and really liked it. I mean, if you ever listen to Prince Charles, he's not so bad, for a filandering, inbred, monarchist English piece of s**t. He made these nice little remarks to an Irish crowd that must have been thinking, "tanks, but no tanks, you bloody British bastard."
Prince Charles' speech delivered at Glencree
Irish Times Breaking News story

Last but never least, we just celebrated (celebrated? more like ignored) the tenth anniversary of the Riot. Here's an article detailing the 53 people killed during the disaster...for those of you who know me from Berkeley, scroll 2/3 down the list to "Aaron Ratinoff", described as "the most unusual death of the Riot". That was John Rudoff's uncle.
The Fire Last Time: The L.A. 53

See you on the other side, Screedsters,

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