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11 June 2007

New Host!

Greetings, friends,
Just a quick note to let you know that I went to Cansei de Ser Sexy Sunday night (thanks, Roberta) and it truly rocked. The best show I've seen since Peaches at the El Rey way back when. They're headed for Europe now, Glastonbury and then the Continent, so I urge all my friends in Europe to be aware and then GO! You'll even find a smartass comment at the bottom of their MySpace page ( ) just below my retort, "there was this old guy dancing up in the balcony for you guys!!!" Bitch!

And as for the "finale" of The Sopranos: LAME. I'm glad I didn't watch seven years just to be rewarded with Goddamn JOURNEY:

I am also on a new "web host", . If you are seeking one (and are somewhat tech-savvy) it is good and you get loads of space (like 500 *gigabytes*) of storage for your webpages for only $8 a month, plus access to wiki software, shopping carts, etc. You shouldn't notice any changes, except that the annoying Geocities popups will no long haunt or . You MUST, however, subscribe to the screed to continue receiving it (unless you subscribe to the RSS feed at the bottom of this page.) If you prefer to subscribe via e-mail, enter your information here:

Name: E-mail:

If you use an RSS reader, PLEASE subscribe to the screed through the alias (use the you'll see in the address bar or if that gives you an error.)

Second, if you (like me) a user of the Eudora e-mail platform, this program is going the way of the paid dinosaur and will soon be an OPEN SOURCE (i.e.: Free!) program called Penelope. Read up at . is no longer an alias...this is my permanent e-mail address! Woo!

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