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16 September 2002

Happy Monday

Greetings, friends,
Sometimes you get to see the glow around people, and those moments are to be treasured. For those who made an appearance at my small Los Feliz apartment Saturday night, you had that healthy glow, thanks ever so much. Every year I invite all my friends over to see them, but after seven years I've finally realized they see each other instead, while I run around. Well, that'll do. Now who else will have a party so I can hang out?

The next night, a group went to see Nina Hagen at Boardner's, and instead of her New Wave hits she was singing (mostly in Hindi) with the members of her ashram, a sort of two hour Hare Krishna pop that had everyone mesmerized. In my rather tired state it propelled me into that lovely trance-like dancing, and when I observed a Boy George lookalike dancing between a woman in a wedding dress with flowers in her hair and a woman wearing a mesh top with electrical tape Xs over her nipples, well, I felt good about Los Angeles again. So, thanks to Roberta and the Europeans for making it all possible. Standing next to a beautiful woman with a backless dress in candlelight just doesn't happen to me as often as I'd like.

Okay, and here's the bad news (my old joke)....more WAR. Guess what, but we're going to play the superpower card again, and even if the most radical of you pulled your "final solution", it won't do a bit of good. Anyone see the Times yesterday, where a group of "liberal" Democrats explained why they don't like Bush, but they think it's a good idea to go whomp Iraq? Yeah, sometimes you wonder if we're taking the Pax Americana stuff a bit too seriously. Well, I'll look on the bright side: maybe I'll get to go see Baghdad after all. Just think...a world safe for tourism.

Okay, here's one for my friends from Berkeley...remember when we threw ourselves on the line to get Nelson Mandela out of prison? Well, he's turned on us. Read what he has to say, because he's only trying to save the world...again.
Nelson Mandela: The United States of America is a Threat to World Peace
In a rare interview, the South African demands that George W. Bush win United Nations support before attacking Iraq

And if it feels bad to get scolded by Nelson Mandela, here's an even more sobering message from the last real Christian in the White House,
The Troubling New Face of America
By Jimmy Carter
Fundamental changes are taking place in the historical policies of the United States with regard to human rights, our role in the community of nations and the Middle East peace process -- largely without definitive debates (except, at times, within the administration). Some new approaches have understandably evolved from quick and well-advised reactions by President Bush to the tragedy of Sept. 11, but others seem to be developing from a core group of conservatives who are trying to realize long-pent-up ambitions under the cover of the proclaimed war against terrorism.

And yet more dark news...your kids are going to need an extra kiss goodnight.
Headline: Iraq attack could alter world rules
Byline: Peter Ford Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor
Date: 09/12/2002

Well, to end on a positive note, you're all beautiful in your way (or why would I subject you to this...) and as Nina Hagen says, "become a soldier of beauty and a killer for world peace." (?)

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