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13 October 2002

Pre-Halloween Fright Night

Greetings, many friends,
Let me start this out directly: where's all the money? I guess it's my fault for not LEANING on you more. If you want to give me a donation for the AIDS Walk, yeah, it's next Sunday (20 October)...let me know and I'll collect from you (local) next Saturday. If you live outside of L.A., then you've got your own charities.

Next: Please stop sending petitions to me about Iraq. I like petitions...I like reading the names and the cities, and trying to figure out how all these people know each other. But the U.N. doesn't want your petitions, and frankly, we are way past petitions on this issue. If you want to stop a war against Iraq, either get a lot more friends of yours marching in the streets, or go hang out at your local mosque with a sign saying, "Will Help You Fly a Jet into the Capitol". 'Cause that's about it.

Okay, on that extremely negative note, a parade of idiots:
Redneck idiots,
Man Dies in His Own Booby-Trapped House

Civil Servant idiots,
Zookeepers Suspended for Eating Animals

Religious idiots,
Man Can't Change Name to 'God'

Alcoholic Native American Idiots,
Fightin' Whites Team Gets New Brew

Date farming idiots,
Film Shows Date Fruit's Sex Life

Rocker idiots,
Forget Tennis Elbow, What About Rock Star Finger?

Rock-climbing idiots,
Wallet Returned After 27 Years

And, of course, experimental performance art idiots,
Musician Settles Suit on Silent Piece

Finally, from my friend Dorothy, the cruelest website you'll see this week:

Remember, Geri's band is playing Wednesday in L.A., Paul & Rob up north on Saturday...

See you on the other side,

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