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19 March 2003

What If You Threw a War and Only the English Came

Greetings, friends,
First of all, now that war is upon us (again), you had better be prepared. If you thought for a second (like, according to the latest polls, 75% of your fellow citizens) the government hadn't lost its marbles, check this out (thanks, Mike):

It's now 14 hours to D-Day...the great army of the "Neocon" United States is ready to set up a new camp in the Middle East. Bombers are flanking the North Koreans, and many countries (Iran? Syria? Palestine? France?) are wondering who's next. If Afghanistan is any indication, Mr. Bush's attention will wander rapidly after his policy goal (i.e. the destruction of an unfriendly government) is completed. Unlike some, I wouldn't mind seeing Mr. Hussein get a bullet in the head (as Mr. Fleischer put it so succinctly), but not at the expense of seeing the Kurds get a few Turkish bullets in the head, North Koreans starving to death, idiots in Beverly Hills pouring French wine (which they already paid for) in the gutter, Bulgarians grovelling for money, naive college girls run over by Israeli bulldozers, and my Spanish allies yelling at me (three weeks from today), "YANQUI BASTA YA!"

Somebody better write a letter to the U.N. and tell them the obvious: GET AN ARMY.

I suppose I could be encouraged by others who are starting to say the same; I noticed this in the Guardian a few days back: "In this wider context, Iraq is but a harbinger of things to come. For this reason, it is a watershed other words, the mutuality of interest upon which the UN has always rested still applies, possibly even more so now. Powerful though it is, the US must recollect and embrace this basic fact of inter-dependence that it once understood so well. Ironically, the sheer scale of post-war problems may force it to do so. Other states, from Britain and France to developing country alliances, must meanwhile join in redressing the imbalance of power through reform of security council membership along supranational or geographical lines and by pooling sovereignty. Mr. Bush may not get it - but he will not be president for ever. A renewed, imaginative commitment to cooperative internationalism is the only way ahead."

And then I found another career diplomat rubbing salt in Mr. Powell's wound's; it seems funny now, but I bet even the liberals would stop laughing if Powell himself suddenly resigned: - U.S. diplomat resigns over Iraq war plans - Mar. 10, 2003

By the way, I've enclosed a nice picture of Rachel Corrie, the girl (yeah, 23) from Washington who got pasted by the Israelis, BURNING A TINY PAPER FLAG! That TRAITOR! She DESERVED to be run over by a HUGE FUCKING MACHINE.

In case you haven't heard, there's a boycott on of French and German goods going on. (Note to Europeans: GET AN ARMY.) I'm using the boycott list as a shopping list (thanks, Josh):

But we've got justification for rubbing Iraq off the map. I mean, we've got to attack before we're attacked before we attack before we're attacked...
Saddam Could Launch First Strike

And some people out there are actually pretty hyped up about it. Because guess who's next? That's right: WHOEVER WE DECIDE! HA HA HA HA! Read about our plans for global domination and WEEP!

Of course, we could make a pre-emptive strike of our own and impeach our bloodthirsty all-American bastard President (yah, right):

Guess what: if I (or you) keep lipping off, maybe they'll revoke our citizenship and kick our ass out of the U.S. Can't happen, you say? Remember "America, love it or leave it"? It might just come true, thanks to "Patriot II":

And if you think they aren't's that "note in the suitcase" story we've been hearing about (thanks, Mark):

If there was ever proof that the world is coming to an end, this might be it (thanks again, Mike):
Edward Helmore
New York Sunday
March 16, 2003 The Observer
An obscure Jewish sect in New York has been gripped in awe by what it believes to be a mystical visitation by a 20lb carp that was heard shouting in Hebrew, in what many Jews worldwide are hailing as a modern miracle.,6903,915125,00.html

And for those following the story I sent along about the U.S. expulsion of Bernadette Devlin, the Irish civil rights activist, a column in her favor by writer Jimmy Breslin:,0,1168250.column

Finally, if you like listening to the one-hand clap, or perhaps the dead-horse flog, Noam Chomsky's still running his yap:

Pray for peace,

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