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14 November 2004

Sorry Everybody?

Greetings, friends,
If you haven't taken a look, try this website which I sent along last time:

This has actually turned into one of the most remarkable pieces of folk art I've seen in years. Think about it looking through the galleries at random. There are hundreds; it doubled in size in three days.

This is the first posting from Iraq I noticed, and also enjoy the New Orleans drag queens at the bottom:

A pissed-off Australian and a real Texas punk:

Goats and a plastic (and apparently black) Jesus:

Even (natch) a commercial phenom...hey, it's still Goddamn AMERICA, I don't care who's in charge:

And finally, I actually saved a copy of my favorite picture (enclosed),
along with, of course, the obnoxious picture I sent of myself:

As for the girl, that's California to the nines, a sk8r grrl, and a free drink to each one of you who identifies the movie on her TV set.

Yours to the end,

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