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22 October 2003

The Non-Pulp Fiction Tyranny of Evil Men

Greetings, friends,
This collection of recent news items relates mostly to Iraq, but in general I refer to the above title: THE TYRANNY OF EVIL MEN. Even in the depths of the Reagan years, I cannot remember a time when so many were ready to do so much to so many others. Shall we take a tour into the pseudo-Christian morass of pathetic self-aggrandizement?

What better place to begin than blatant conspiracy of manipulation within my own state?
Recall Lessons for the President
By Howard Fineman
Voter alienation will not stop at voting booths in California

And the not-so-innocent puppet they've helped put in power?
Schwarzenegger Asked To Explain Ken Lay Meeting
The Associated Press

The way they've dismantled the real war on terror (read this and you will learn that Bill Clinton was quite aware of what was going on, and may have in fact delayed 11 September) and then exploited the deaths of thousands for their own gain?
The Sins of September 11
By William Rivers Pitt
t r u t h o u t Perspective
Sidney Blumenthal's "The Clinton Wars" is a meticulously researched and foot-noted tour de force through the last ten years of the brainless savagery of American politics.

How they've allowed madmen to enter the halls of power?
The Pentagon Unleashes a Holy Warrior
By William M. Arkin
The Los Angeles Times

How they've created a terrorist haven which will not be rooted out for years, with a sophistication far exceeding the caves of Afghanistan?
Inside The Resistance
By Zaki Chehab
The Guardian UK
Popular anger is forging an alliance between diverse strands of Iraq's guerrilla movement

How they've forged letters home from soldiers in order to dupe a sceptical public into following their murderous crusade?
Letters Home
By Martha Raddatz

How they've wreaked havoc with the financial solvency of the United States for years to come?
US Gross External Debt More Than $6 Trillion
By Reuters
Yahoo! Finance

And profited from it, handily, at the highest levels of government?
Rumsfeld's $9 Billion Slush Fund
By Fred Kaplan

When the most morally unfit of the citizenry are not merely allowed, but encouraged to preach to the rest of the nation?,5673,1066851,00.html
Virtue is its own drawback
One pops pills. Another gambles. Another lets her mother die alone. Yet these are Bush's virtue-mongers
John Sutherland
Sunday October 19 2003
The Observer

And ignorance is championed by the very figurehead of our country?
President Should Get His News From Newspapers
by Helen Thomas
The Boston Channel
Bush Tells Fox Interviewer He Gets News From White House Staff

And fewer and fewer people are responsible for distributing less and less truth?
On Big Media
Bill Moyers
truthout Commentary
If you've wondered why we have kept returning to the story of big media on this broadcast, we have some answers this week. It's because the big media companies keep getting bigger with more and more power over our politics and our lives.

It no surprise that some people get frustrated (though I'm not sure this is an example...):
Bored to Tears, German Woman Hurls TV Out Window

But the truth is always just below the surface...the tyranny of evil men cannot operate in secret. The men who sell death to both sides:
U.S. Probing Arms Shipped to Iraq
By Pete William
Federal agents have turned up evidence that U.S. companies may have illegally sold sensitive equipment that wound up helping Iraq's military, said U.S. officials, who told NBC News that criminal charges were likely.

The men who peddle murder to fill their own pockets:
War On Terror Fuels Small Arms Trade
Owen Bowcott and Richard Norton-Taylor
The Guardian
Charities say 500,000 people are killed each year by the real weapons of mass destruction

Men who play havoc with the lives of others:
Novak Leak Column Has Familiar Sound
By Dana Milbank
Washington Post

Women who swim in corruption to enrich their own ambitions (warning, this is a broadband site, thanks to the many who sent it to me):
Katherine Harris in Florida

Corporations who subvert the very notion of our democracy to maintain their grip on power (thanks, Brad):
Here is a recent story about curious Republican victories in the mid-term elections.
Fears of More U.S. Electoral Chaos After Flaws are Discovered in Ballot Computers
By Andrew Gumbel
Independent UK
Electronic Voting: What You Need To Know
By William Rivers Pitt
t r u t h o u t Interview

So-called "public interest groups" who will spy on innocent citizens to achieve their despicable ends:
The N.R.A. Is Naming Names
By Bob Herbert
New York Times
The National Rifle Association doesn't call it an enemies list, but deep in the recesses of the organization's Web site is a long, long compilation of the names of groups and individuals that the N.R.A. considers unfriendly.

Black is white, up is down. QUESTION EVERYTHING YOU HEAR as no arm of the media can be trusted completely any more. EVEN YOUR LOYAL SCREEDMEISTER cannot believe anything he's just too bizarre.
New Plan: Kill Endangered Species to Save Them
By Shankar Vedantam
The Washington Post

Prepare for the scariest Halloween ever...the Day of the Walking Dead!
Vive le Screed!

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